Neon Night this Friday

By Tess Bauer
Online Editor
For Tori Alesi, Friday means school’s out for the weekend and it’s time to get geared for Prospect’s Friday night football. After the game this Friday, instead of going to Tortorice’s like most upperclassmen usually do, she will head over to gyms one and two to help set up for Neon Night.

As a member of Orchesis and Senior Class Board, Tori has been helping make Neon Night happen. She has made an event for it on Facebook and painted some of the posters that line Prospect’s hallways.
To freshmen and sophomores, Neon Night is something new. The dance’s title is self explanatory. Everyone dresses up in neon colors, or for this year white because this Friday will be a white out, and heads to the back gyms to jam out to techno music. The dance is after the football game this Friday from 9:30 to 11:30. Admission will be five dollars.
While the name of the dance remains the same, some noticeable changes have been made. This year Orchesis is teaming up with the Senior Class Board to run Neon Night. All the proceeds will go towards helping Orchesis fund-raise for their trip to perform in The Orange Bowl in Florida. Kristin Burton, the Orchesis instructor, is hoping to raise around $10,000 to 12,000 to cover all the girl’s air fare and the dance will help them reach their goal.

“Anything we can raise would be awesome,” Burton said.

Another difference this year is the date. While the last Neon Night was held in the spring, Burton thought that having the dance after a football game made more sense.

“It’s a good kick off to the school year and football season,” Burton said.
Burton hopes everyone comes in white because the only source of light in the gyms will be two black-lights. The set up will also include an area for face painting and getting glow sticks.

The music won’t stop though as the DJ, Anthony Martorana from Dance Party Djs (For more info on Dance Party Djs click here, will be playing music to get all of Prospect on the dance floor.
This Friday definitely won’t be the normal Friday night football game and Prospect is looking forward to it. 
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