Mandatory pep- assembly Friday

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
To kick off the new year, there will be a mandatory pep assembly, Sept. 9, in the field house after eighth period.
According to Social-Science teacher Michelle Rosenheim, this years fall pep assembly is to advertise and recognize all fall sport athletes. They will all be introduced, as well as there coaches, and will be including a lot more staff members and student activities. There will also be a surprise performance.

“We are hoping that if people come to the assembly, instead of the option of going home that people would see how much fun assemblies can be,” said Rosenheim.
Something new this year is that all pep assemblies are now mandatory. Classes will still be 46 minutes long, but students will need to stay for the 27 minute long assembly.
“The point of the assembly is to get everyone excited for the school year and let them know that it’s okay to scream and yell and go crazy as long as your doing it for the support of your school, Rosenheim said.”
Rosenheim will also be letting students get the chance to help put together the pep assemblies. At the moment the assemblies are all run by staff members, but according to Rosenheim she would “love to see assemblies ran by students.”  Capture
“We empathize good things that are school has to offer. We all understand that we have a great acidemic program, we have a great athletic program, we have a great fine arts program and everything in between,” said Rosenheim. “If people know that your suppose to go to pep assemblies, maybe all of us as a large group will cheer for our success that Prospect has.”