82 happy thoughts, thought two

By Miranda Holloway
Executive Online Editor

As a junior I am a member of the 500 something most stressed out people in school. Not only am I a junior but I am a student, along with about 2100 other kids, at one of the top ten high schools in the state and while the stress at any school can get rough, everyone knows that the pressure can be intense  the workload can be high.  So in the spirit of staying sane, I have started this blog to remind my fellow knights, and myself for that matter, to stop and smell the roses, take a walk in the park or watch a funny movie; essentially want everyone to take a deep breath and smile. Inspired by the website 1000awesomethings.com, I will be posting this blog twice a week until the the end to the school year, 82 times in all, about things that are meant to make you grin. Happy moments, enjoyable memories, blissful feelings; you name it, I’ll post it. Over relax and think happy thoughts.       

Thought #2- Fall is here!   
The commons are draped with columbia and navy streamers on Fridays, the band can be heard practicing away in the parking lot during fifth period, and varsity football, soccer and volleyball players’ lockers are decorated with posters containing mildly violent sayings and glitter. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally fall. So turn off that air conditioner, open the windows and breath in some of that crisp autumn air.     
Technically the first day of fall is not until September 23 but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the season in all of it’s glory. Break out your sweatshirts, dig out your jeans and get ready to have some fun.
Coming out of summer, the time of doing whatever you want when you want, I think that fall can have a bad reputation. Being in school all day does limit free time to an extent but it does bring up a lot of great activities that are unique to our school.
For one there are weekly football games to watch, attend, or play in for that matter. Whether the Bears, University of Illinois, or the Prospect Knights are your team of choice, it’s time break out the body paint and foam fingers and practice those cheers because the season is beginning to get into full swing. If watching football isn’t your thing going to games are still a chance to spend time with your friends.
If, for whatever reason, you have a total aversion to athletic events of any nature, there are still plenty of events, school or other wise, that will fill up a Friday night. Knight Times, or homecoming week, is also in the fall, the week of October 10 to be exact, and is one of the most fun- filled events of the year. Highlights include coronation, Knight games and the bonfire, the football game against Rolling Meadows, and the dance on Saturday. 
If this still does not float your boat get together with some friends and have a bonfire, see a movie, make a giant leaf pile and jump on in, just get out and have some fun.
Basically the point is that just because summer is over, doesn’t mean life is over. No matter where you look there is something to do what you can enjoy, both in and out of school. So dig out the sweatshirts, find your jeans, and prepare for some cool air and cool experiences.