Police presence at Prospect

By Katie Best
Executive In- Depth Edior
Stay alive, drive twenty-five.”
“Don’t text and drive, stay alive.”
These two slogans can be seen almost every morning on a Mount Prospect Police Department sign while driving into Prospect’s parking lot. However, these phrases are not the only new driving precautions that can be seen near Prospect; Police officers can also be seen patrolling the streets near and around the school.
According to Dean Dr. Patricia Tedaldi-Monti, the Mount Prospect Police Department came to Prospect before school started to ask permission to initiate safe driving reminders for both teenagers and teachers.

“Driving is different in the summer,” Tedaldi-Monti said. “People are more reckless, less careful than they are during the school year.”
Principal Kurt Laakso discussed how the police patrolling the area are not necessarily trying to give students tickets, but they are trying to remind them how to be safe, cautious drivers.
“It’s texting, it’s using some handheld device in the passenger seat, these are all distractions for drivers,” Tedaldi-Monti said.
Teenagers are prone to being distracted drivers and the police will be looking for speeding and texting while driving. Regarding the tickets given out for cutting through parking lots, it is illegal to do so and the officers will continue to give out tickets as they see fit. Some of the most common areas where students are caught cutting through is behind the Starbucks off of Kensington and the parking lot next to Staples.
Junior Kennedy McNamara recently acquired a ticket for cutting through the parking lot that connects Kensington and Rand Road. Because he is under the age of eighteen, he is required to have a court date and has the possibility of paying a fine.
While the police may seem like they are here to stay, Tedaldi-Monti said they will not be at Prospect as often after the close of Labor Day Weekend . Despite their absence after the holiday weekend, the police department will most likely providing periodic check-ins, according to Tedaldi-Monti.