Homecoming court selected via online voting

By Emmy Lindfors
Managing Editor
Student Council Adviser Lyn Scolaro along with the Student Council board has decided to try something new this year for homecoming: electronic voting.
According to Scolaro, she has always wanted to do something like this, as neighboring schools have been using technology for more school-oriented programs. When the district announced all the students would be getting a Gmail account, Scolaro knew she wanted to try electronic voting for homecoming king and queen.

This past week, seniors were able to log onto their Gmail accounts and pick three boys and three girls from a list for homecoming court. When it is time to vote for king and queen, all students will repeat the process, but this time choosing one girl and one boy.
Scolaro was nervous about students not voting, so as an incentive, Scolaro and the Student Council board came up with raffling off five single homecoming tickets and two single prom tickets.
“We needed an incentive to make it more appealing,” Scolaro said.
Scolaro soon realized, however, that students were excited about the voting even before the incentive was announced.
Scolaro believes that with the help of the staff and seniors, the new system of voting was successful.
“The seniors are making a positive example,” Scolaro said. “I knew the class of 2012 would come through. I am very pleased and happy.”
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The queen and king nominees are as follows:
Queen Candidates:
Maura Benson
Kim Brinati
Christina Brucci
Taylor Smith
Allison Walsh
King Candidates:
Josh Campos
Mike LaTulip
Ihor Lehkiv
Jerry Thomas
Nico Witanen