82 happy thoughts, thought five

By Miranda Holloway
Executive Online Editor
As a junior I am a member of the 500 something most stressed out people in school. Not only am I a junior but I am a student, along with about 2100 other kids, at one of the top ten high schools in the state and while the stress at any school can get rough, everyone knows that the pressure can be intense the workload can be high. So in the spirit of staying sane, I have started this blog to remind my fellow knights, and myself for that matter, to stop and smell the roses, take a walk in the park or watch a funny movie; essentially want everyone to take a deep breath and smile. Inspired by the website 1000awesomethings.com, I will be posting this blog twice a week until the the end to the school year, 82 times in all, about things that are meant to make you grin. Happy moments, enjoyable memories, blissful feelings; you name it, I’ll post it. Overall just relax and think happy thoughts.
Thought #5- Watching your favorite show
The stars aligned perfectly on Tuesday night. I only had math homework (a rarity and, I believe, a fluke), no chores left to do and full control over the remote control.
On any given day this would just be a happy coincidence. I probably would flip through the channels, switching shows after every commercial break.
But not that night. That night happened to be the night that TBS started showing The Big Bang Theory in syndication. Granted all of the episodes are re- runs but, hey, with the show being between seasons, I’ve been dying for even a little bit of air time.

I took advantage of my free time. I ended up watching all two hours straight, which is normally how much T.V I have time for in a week.
If you are like me and feel frantic and stressed if you finish your homework early you may ask yourself, “Did I forget something? Is everything right? Do I have any test that I’m forgetting about?”
A simple cure for this obsessive work drive is to sit down and watch T.V. That is as long as your homework is done.
Any show that makes you laugh, or cry for that matter, is a great way to get your mind off of all of your worries. And by get your mind off I mean not use your mind at all, which is not necessarliy a bad thing.
Watching a favorite show presents the oprotunity to live in another world for half and hour to an hour. If friends are starting to get on your last nerve it gives the chance to catch up with favorite characters who can feel like old buddies. When sticky situations feel like they will never end well, watching cops wrap up a grisely murder or watching the guy finally get the girl can provide even the smallest hope for the future.
Not to mention it can get your mind off of acedemic problems. For instance when is last time you heard Snookie mention a rhetorical precis? Yeah, I don’t remeber either. But I guess if your watching The Big Bang Theory and are having physics trouble, this does not really apply.
Even if you don’t have two hours to spare like I did, just sitting down for a half hour once or twice a week just to enjoy a T.V show can give a much needed mental break. As long as this peacfull moment doesn’t come before school work or get in the way of being productive, turning off your brain in front of the T.V. for an hour or so can be just what the doctor ordered.
That is if the doctor is Dr. Sheldon Cooper.