Knightimes 2011 events planned

By Tim Angerame
Entertainment Editor
The theme for Knight Times this year will be a Disney Theme. “Knighttimes, 2011: The Happiest Knighttimes on Earth” will begin on October 10. The homecoming committee has been planning for the week since April.
“Kids have no clue about how much goes into this,” said Lyn Scolaro, an Italian Language teacher who has run Prospect’s homecoming committee for 20 years.
Scolaro had started running the committee to get to know more of her students and to pass on the leadership knowledge she learned in student council when she was in high school.
“I liked what student council did for me in high school and the friendships that I made and the leadership skills that I learned… and I want to be able to give that back to kids.”
Scolaro hopes that competition will not get in the way of spirit during Knighttimes, especially during Knightgames and Color Day.
“I just would hope that with Color Day and Knightgames the kids would think about the spirit of Prospect High School, and not some of the derogatory things that come our way,” said Scolaro. “You should be proud of who you are, but you should remember that we are one school and not be so proud that you cut someone down to make yourself proud.”
Instead of the traditional parade this year, there will be pre-game festivities with performances from the cheerleaders and poms and a visit from the football team that made it to state in 2001 , and the 1961 football team who are celebrating their 50th anniversary together.
Homecoming week will be shorter this year because of the four-day Columbus Day week. The Coronataion ceremony, a personal favorite of Scolaro, will be on Tuesday. Students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Disney character on Tuesday, which is also the traditional Toga Day for seniors.
Wednesday is color day, which has remained unchanged since previous years. Freshmen will wear red, sophomores will wear green, juniors will wear yellow, seniors will wear orange and the staff will wear blue. Knightgames and the bonfire dance will take place that night from 6:00 to 9:00.
Thursday will be Lazy Day, as students will be encouraged to arrive in pajamas and other casual wear. Karaoke will take place during the lunch hours.
A pep assembly will take place on Friday as well as pre-game festivities leading to the homecoming game.
The Dance will occur on Saturday, October 15, starting at 8:00.