82 Happy thoughts, thought six

By Miranda Holloway
Online Executive Editor
As a junior I am a member of the 500 something most stressed out people in school. Not only am I a junior but I am a student, along with about 2100 other kids, at one of the top ten high schools in the state and while the stress at any school can get rough, everyone knows that the pressure can be intense the workload can be high. So in the spirit of staying sane, I have started this blog to remind my fellow knights, and myself for that matter, to stop and smell the roses, take a walk in the park or watch a funny movie; essentially want everyone to take a deep breath and smile. Inspired by the website 1000awesomethings.com, I will be posting this blog twice a week until the the end to the school year, 82 times in all, about things that are meant to make you grin. Happy moments, enjoyable memories, blissful feelings; you name it, I’ll post it. Overall just relax and think happy thoughts.
Thought #6- Going over a test and finding a mistake
AP World History was a breeze for me last year. Much to the chagrin of my hard working classmates, I barely even had to study for the tests in order to do well on them.
AP U.S History has been an entirely different story so far. I’ll admit going into the class I was a little over confident. I had gotten through AP World just fine so I figured that this year would be even easier.
I was wrong, oh so wrong. I don’t think I realized that I would have to study to keep up in this class. After getting lower grades on reading tests than I would have hoped and just feeling generally lost during class, I figured that I might as well sit down and study for my ID terms test. I couldn’t hurt could it.
I studied day and night (but mostly day because I like to sleep) and when the test day came about I was in the zone, I was ready, I had my game face on. I went down the questions and knocked them out one by one. When I was done I decided to go back and check over my answers just to be sure I got everything right.
I didn’t.
I caught one of my two mistakes. William Bradford was the leader of the Pilgrims not John Smith. I was a stupid mental mistake. I knew the answer but in one moment of the test I seemed to have turned off my brian and just given up. That is not important. What is important is the I caught.
Catching a mistake on a test is relieving, especially when you’ve studied for hours like I did. Knowing that you could have had pointless points taken off but catching them is triumphant.
You feel like a genius and nothing can take that away. You are the messiah of test taking, the owner of the answers. dojo of multiple choice.
In that moment the if doesn’t matter if you have every other answer wrong. That one question is right, you could get a one out of 20 and you would be happy.
Well not happy, but you would have the sense of knowing that your grade could have been worse but it’s not because of your awesome mistake correcting skills.