Diversity, innovation, to play role in KOC

By Tim Angerame
 Entertainment Editor

Prospect’s Marching Band will be hosting the 16 annual Knight of Champions on Saturday, October 8. The contest will consist of 24 bands throughout the state of Illinois and one band from Ireland. The first band enlisted in the contest will play at 2:30 and Prospect’s exhibition performance will be at 9:30.   
Each band will play for a group of judges who will present awards for the bands who have performed the best.
 According to band director Chris Barnum, Prospect will not be competing in the contest, but rather be performing at the end as an exhibition group.
“We’ve had our normal rehearsals,” said Barnum, regarding the practice the band has gone through to prepare for the event, “to be getting ready so that when we do the exhibition, we want to put on a good show.”
According to Barnum, the songs the band will play include songs that they play at regular shows such as “Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine”.
One of the band’s flutist, junior Nina Hermes, expects “good results” for the band’s exhibition performance.
“We’ve been working really hard so I’m sure it will pay off,” said Hermes.
According to Hermes, the performance will be different this year, as it will involve more movement and props.
The band will actually start the performance moving, rather than beginning the piece motionless as with usual performances.
Hermes attributes the band’s preparation to its staff, including marching instructor Chris Alexander of Oklahoma and color guard instructor Matt Perez of Australia.

“The diversity and just the dedication of the staff really just fuels the energy of the band,” said Hermes.