School decorated for Knightimes week

By Heather Dove
Online Editor
Each year for home coming, Prospect is transformed.  From the balloons, to  banners, to the gym, a creative eye is turned.
At 11 a.m, Student Council board members got to the gym to get it ready for homecoming.
Student Council president, junior Carolyn Fujara and other student council members, for three and a half hours took on one of most challenging task of the day: laying down the plastic floor.

“The floor and the lights are usually the hardest,” Fujara said, ”  You have to cover the whole floor and make sure that there are no bubbles.”
The next hour or so, they would set up the lights.
Even with all of the “wonderful help that turned out” according to Fujara, some Student Council members will also be missing school tomorrow to continue putting up decorations in the gym.
The budget this year for decorations is low, but the key was to “spend wisely,” added Lyn Scolaro, world languages teacher Student Council adviser.
Despite the low budget, Fujara does not think that the decorations have been affected.
Luckily, Fujara said that the theme was easy enough to stick to. Personally, the “ten inch balloon in the middle”  are Fujara’s favorite decoration.
However, that isn’t counting the “surprise element”. Only the Student Council board knows what this “surprise element” is, and they came up with the idea over the summer.
Unfortunately, to find out about this surprise element, students will just have to wait for homecoming night.
While Student Council Board members were working at 11 a.m, students that wanted to decorate their class hallways were not even at school yet.
Instead, student organizations came to decorate their designated hallways at 1 p.m.  This also included senior band members, who were to decorate the band room.
Senior Molly Hayes offered up the idea of spider webs, which led the seniors to the theme of The Haunted Mansion for their hallway.
While other members worked inside, senior Owen Hoepfner worked outside with senior Brian Greene on “turning the band room into a senior living room”.
For him, that meant spray painting the band’s homecoming tradition: the senior couch.
All of the materials for the room were either purchased from donated money from the band, or donated.  For instance, Hoepfner picked up the couch from a neighbor.
Hoepfner had never spray painted before, so he found the task challenging.
However he warned any lower classmen against sitting on the couch, “They [under classmen] get yelled at, and picked on. . . It’s bad.”