Knightgames tradition continues

By Maddy Moloney
In- Depth Editor
Last Wednesday Prospect Knights continued one of prospects oldest homecoming traditions of knight games. With final scores placing the Seniors as the victorious champions of the 2011 knight games.

Unlike the pep assembly, rather than having teachers announce the Knight games student volunteers senior Scott Hammersley and Junior Madelyn Bryant commentated and interviewed participants and spectators.

“I though it was fun because the whole school came together and everybody really showed off their school spirit ,” freshman Abby Sunu said, who participated in the tug of war.

The game consisted of musical chairs, obstacle coarse, tug of war and the three legged race.
“[My favorite part was] watching all of the different grade levels compete.”
Once Knight games concluded students were invited to a free bonfire and dance, another cherished homecoming tradition, on the football field.
“I’m really looking forward to knight games next year!,” Sunu said.
For video of Knightgames click here.