Wacky News

By Khrystyna Halatyma
Features Editor
Woman Sued Walmart for 2 Cents
The Brief->>  October 2nd– Pennsylvanian woman, Mary Bach, sued Walmart company for a two cent discrepancy. Bach bought a package of Banquet “Brown ‘N Serve” sausages which were listed at 98 cents. Although when she came to the register Bach was charged a dollar (before taxes) for the package. She accepted a refund but when the same overcharge happened in the following days Bach decided to sue. Bach won the lawsuit coming out with $100 in damages and $80 in court costs. This is the fifth lawsuit Bach has won over Walmart.
My Opinion->> This woman is old, about as old your grandmother. Does she really have nothing better to do with her retirement than scrutinize Walmart receipts and then sue them for all of 2 cents? I say she should go knit a sweater or scarf, or actually do something productive.
Guys Finally Get Consequences
The Brief->>  In the city of Albany, Ga., there is now a limit on how low people can wear bottom attire such as shorts, pants, and skirts.  The law prohibits people from wearing bottoms that hang three inches below the top of the hips and expose underwear or skin. Since November, the city has collected almost $4,000 in fines for breaking the law. The first time fee is $20, and everything afterwards is $200 or can be paid off by 40 hours of community service. Florida has a similar law.
My Opinion->> Finally. Walking through the hallway I don’t want to see a bunch of boxers on my way to class. The one concern which comes to my mind is, who on earth has time to think of these things? I doubt this is what lawmakers sit around discussing teenage fashion trends. I don’t know about you, but that makes me nervous…the U.S. is on the verge of an economical shutdown and political leaders are discussing saggy pants. Although in a way it makes sense, the fines have brought in almost $4,000. If fashion laws are what will save the U.S. from an economical breakdown then so be it, that’ll be a great story to tell the grand-kids.