Frightfest fun, not frightening

By Maggie Devereux
Online Managing Editor
Until last week, the last time I was at Frightfest was third grade, and I cried. Yep, I said it, cried.  
All I really remember is seeing clowns running after me, dead glatiator type people with mallets, and lots of creepy decorations. You could say the clowns put me over the edge.
So this year when my friends purposed the idea of going to Frightfest, and I’ll admit I was a little hesitant. But as one always willing to face my fears (hah) I decided to go. I mean eight years should be long enough time to get over my traumatic experience right?
With the purchase of a $34.99 online, I got a trip to six flags in a limo courtesy of one of my friend’s parents, about 7 hours of waiting in lines, 5 rides, the chance to randomly see half of my softball team and for $5 more (yeah the buses don’t give change) I got a 45 minute bus ride back to woodfield. 
Don’t get me wrong, as I headed into six flags I knew there were going to be rediculous lines. Considering I knew about half of Prospect, Elk Grove, and Hersey would be there, I could already anticipate people wrapped around twists and turns for hours. Did I expect Raging Bull’s line to be four hours long? No, but hey I didn’t choose to wait in it so I’m not complaining.

My friends and I decided to forgo the fast-passes, considering none of us wanted to cough up another $35 each. So during the day we waited in line and waited to be scared.  

While in line, I expected to be entertained by the decorations or people that are paid to act scary. However, the decorations were decent at best. There were cobwebs hung along railings and some of the park territory names were changed. For example Yankee Harbor was renamed Port Dread and Hometown Square was renamed Sector 7. The coolest part was the main fountain right when you enter the park. The water was dyed to look like blood, tombstones were scattered around it, and a giant talking pumpkin-man was placed in front of the carousel. Other than that though, I wan’t too impressed.

And apparently, the actors aren’t allowed to come out until it begins to get dark. Since I went on a Sunday the park closed at 9 pm, there wasn’t much dark time. And when they did come out, I only saw six different people throughout the entire park. I saw two skeleton pirates, two sasquatch looking creatures, a dead actress and a dead bride.   

The problem was these people weren’t even scary. Instead of chasing people or scaring them they just stood there for the most part. My friends and I purposing waited around a group of them to see if they would try and scare us— they didn’t. 

I was scared most when one of my best friends from my softball team ran up and hugged me from behind. Thinking she was one of the actors, I was about to scream “You can’t touch me, I’m suing” before I realized it was her.  

With the amount of money fright fest draws in, it is safe to say I was very dissapointed. For a very big fest, it lacked a heck of a lot of fright. I understand it’s not a haunted house, but if I cried when I was 9, I should at least scream when I’m 17.