PHS Octoberfest: Taxi KAB fashions

By Katie Best
Executive In-Depth Editor
Halloween is quite possibly my favorite time of year because of four things: the costumes, the candy, the weather and the parties. The costumes are cool, I can eat as much candy as possible (or until I get sick), the weather is crisp and chilly, and the parties are an event within themselves.
When we were kids, our moms generally made our costumes or picked them up at the local Party City or Target, but now that we are older, we have the ability to come up with more creative and simply awesome costumes. However, the cost of making these awesome costumes can be pretty hefty, so in order to put together one of these spectacular costumes, here are a few places to look before spending a ridiculous amount of money on some crappy costume at Party City.

1). Salvation Army/ Goodwilll: both of these stores have an abundant amount of clothing, and both have a Halloween costume section. While Salvation Army’s Halloween section lacks organization and costume accessories, they do have A LOT of clothing. You’re bound to find something. On the other hand, Goodwill has a fantastic Halloween section. They have costumes, wigs, wands, swords…. I even saw a tomahawk there once.

2). You’re Grandma’s closet: You think I’m kidding. I’m not. You will be amazed what you find in your grandma’s house. They generally have a ton of trinkets and a lot of 80’s clothes, so if you want to be the actual 80’s and not the tight, spandex, work-out clothes 80’s, they will have you covered. This year for Halloween, I am being Little Red Riding Hood, and with my luck, I found out that my grandma has a legitimate RED CAPE. Don’t ask them why they have some of these things, just smile, ask to borrow it, and be thankful for them.

3). Walmart: Despite being overly crowded, Walmart generally has a good accessory section and it’s pretty cheap. If you need to find a wig that you couldn’t find at the aforementioned places, look here.

4). The Dollar Tree: While they do not always have costumes, they do have a bunch of other stuff to choose from. You need glow lights because you’re being someone from “Tron?” They got ‘em. Need a blow horn because you’re being a crazy sports fanatic or you just want to be obnoxious? They have them here.