Just take a walk

By Tess Bauer
Online Editor
When I called my mom yesterday to pick me up, she had just gotten home and was comfortably relaxing on the couch. Her reply to my request was, “just walk!” After a few grumbles I conceded.
As soon as I stepped outside I was glad for the walk. It was the perfect fall day, a little bit chilly with a breeze. I know it sounds lame, but the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. My neighborhood is full of kids who were outside playing in the leaves and adding laughter to the air.

As I walked, every step I took was accompanied with the crunch of leaves. The breeze swirled reds, yellows and oranges around me in the downpour of leaves. It was the type of scene you would see on a postcard.
The houses where just as colorful with pumpkins, skeletons and more ready to scare kids dressed up on Halloween. Some even having huge blow up Halloween characters bigger than me.
I kept taking in huge gulps of air because it felt so nice and fresh. While my walk was not long, just clearing my head with the crisp fall air helped me relieve stress after a long day of school. Homework and school is always on my mind, but as I walked school was absent from my thoughts. Instead I thought of Halloween and Thanksgiving, two of my favorite holidays.
Overall, don’t let the short season fly by. Go outside, take a walk, play in the leaves and just enjoy the wonderful fall weather.