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Top 5: Vampire series

By Tess Bauer
Online Editor
As Halloween came and passed, I find myself picking up some old favorites. The paranormal genre has exploded with new books and authors over the years and vampire books in particular have become slightly addictive. Here are my top five vampire series that have really kept me up at night, until I felt like a vampire myself.

twilight-cover#1 “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer
When people hear of “Twilight” it usually goes one of two ways. One way being an exclamation of absolute adoration followed by the question, “Team Edward or team Jacob?!” The enthusiasm some fans have for the series is borderline obsessive.
The other way being a statement of how much more magical the Harry Potter series is or a cynical question like, “How can you like a book where half the characters sparkle in the sun?”
As for me, I have to say sorry to all the Hogwarts fans, but it is possible to love both, sparkles and all.
I remember the first time I heard about the series. My sixth grade lit teacher, Ms. Eliopoulos, would summarize a few popular books when it came time for us to pick our outside reading book. Twilight happened to be the book her daughter, a teen who didn’t like to read, was reading at the time, and she couldn’t put down.
I felt the same way. The story centers on Bella and Edward, a star crossed couple that is instantly attracted to each other. But Edward is keeping secrets. Who, or more accurately what is he? As Bella is pulled deeper into Edward’s life, she realizes that even with Edward to protect her, she isn’t safe.

The series was so addictive that I read the first book in three days, and immediately went to our now closed Borders at Randhurst to buy “New Moon” and “Eclipse.” After finishing books two and three, I counted down the days until the final installment, “Breaking Dawn”, graced the book store shelves. I bought it that day and then had to force myself to read it in two days.

It’s hard to explain why the series has become such an icon. The final book, “Breaking Dawn,” sold 1.3 million copies in the first 24 hours according to Is it just that every girl, teen and woman wants to find their own Edward, or maybe it’s the idea of Edward being such a knight in shining armor toward his damsel in distress. Whatever it is, the story of Bella Swan finding and falling in love with the moody vampire, Edward Cullen, was read and hotly discussed by every girl in my sixth grade class.

Visit Stephenie Meyer’s website at

#2 “Vampire Academy” by Richelle Mead vampire-academy
Having just finished the last book, “Spirit Bound,”y in this series, I can honestly say throughout the seven novels I laughed, cried, and let out a few screams.
The series by Richelle Mead centers on Rose, a half human/half vampire teen, who is on the run with her best friend Lissa, vampire princess. Rose is Lissa’s guardian and through a special bond she protects Lissa from the enemies they run from. But the girls are found and forced to go back to their vampire high school, St. Vladimir Academy.
The school is no longer safe, and to protect Lissa, Rose will do anything. From rumors to fighting evil Strigoi, Rose does it all and with a hilarious sense of humor.
The best part about Rose is that she is totally “B.A.” She kicks butt on and off the battlefield and always has a sarcastic remark to go with every punch.
Rose is the kind of heroine everyone wants to read about and root for. With each book, I got to know more about Rose, Lissa, and all their friends. I felt a connection to Rose and it made the wait between books unbearable. I was so sad to see the series end.
Never once did I grow bored with the Vampire Academy series, and with seven novels in the series it was definitely possible. If Mead went back and wrote five more books on Rose, I would honestly buy them all.
Richelle Mead creates a world and characters that jump out of the pages. The series will stick with me and sometimes in a situation I’ll think,”W.W.R.D.” What would Rose do?

For more on Richelle Mead visit her at
tvd0304tv-UK-2010#3 “The Vampire Diaries” by L.J. Smith
Having read the books and being a fan of the show on the CW at 7pm. I can say that while the general idea is the same, the series and the show are completely different.
People say this all the time, but it’s better to read the books. I honestly can’t predict what will happen in the show because the books are so different.
In both, Elena, Stefan, and Damon are the main characters. From there it could go either way. In the books, Elena is the “ice princess,” in mannerisms (she is queen bee at Fell’s Church High School) and looks (blond hair and blue eyes). In the show Elena has brown hair, brown eyes and an innocence rarely seen in the book. In both though she can have any guy she wants, but not the new kid, the mysterious and handsome Stefan.
Dark secrets about Stefan and his past draw them together. But it might not be enough when Stefan’s brother Damon wants Elena for himself.
Much like team Edward and team Jacob, in the “Vampire Diaries” you can be team Stefan or team Damon. As Damon is my favorite character, I root for him. His character provides the necessary comic relief to the very serious and brooding Stefan. While sometimes he seems like the villain, it is obvious he really cares for Elena.
Every character adds a personal flavor to the book. The way it all blends together makes you feel like you are right there with them. Also, the story doesn’t just focus on Stefan and Elena, and the never ending love they feel for each other. The look into each character’s life kept me from becoming bored. Especially with so many books in the series, eight, and more to come.
Originally published in 1991, the first few books in the series are a little dated. As the series goes on she starts to add more common day elements. It was the only drawback to the first couple books. As I first started reading I would think, “Why didn’t Elena use a cell phone for that,” or some other new technology. When I realized just how old the books were it helped put everything into context.
Overall, if you like “The Vampire Diaries” show, then you will love the books. And if you like the books, then you will love the show.
To get more on the books and the show, visit

#4 “House of Night” by P.C. and Kristin Casttempted(1)
“The House of Night” series’ uniqueness starts before one reads the books. Instead of having one author, this series has two, PC and Kristin Cast. The mother/daughter duo works together to write the novels.
Another unique aspect of the series is that in the main character Zoey Redbird’s world, vampires don’t hide. Vampires aren’t kept a secret, but live peacefully, to an extent, with humans. The idea and its ramifications is not lost on the Casts, and they seamlessly weave it into the series.
Zoey was a normal 16 year old, until the day she is marked. Being marked means Zoey is a vampire fledgling, so along with dealing with a new found taste for blood, has to move into the House of Night school for vampires in Oklahoma.
As Zoey finds new friends, she learns that the Goddess Nyx has given her a fate that could lead the vampires into a new age. Although from the way Zoey whines about it, you would think that she hates her life. That was the real downfall of this series; Zoey could not accomplish a single action without whining about it more than once and saying the word “bull poopie.”
She is specially chosen by the Goddess Nyx, has amazing friends, and is dating the most popular guy at the House of Night, yet there is always something to complain about.
I recently go the latest novel in the series, “Destined.” Every time I finish the latest novel, it feel like the next one is out a week later. That could also be attributed to the fact that the novels are so short, you could put any two together to make an average sized novel.

While I don’t mind the novels being short, it feels like where she ends each book leaves it unfinished.

Overall Zoey’s heart is in the right place and so are the authors. The stories might be about vampires, but it rings true for us humans too.
To learn more about the series and the newest edition, check out

#5 “Blue Bloods” by Melissa de la Cruz 28199929
The cover of “Blue Bloods” shows a girl’s neck with a string of pearls around it and a prominent bite mark. The bottom of the cover shows the New York City skyline.
The cover sums up the novel perfectly. “The Blue Bloods” series is about vampires who live in Manhattan and come from a long line of wealthy elite “blue bloods,” but there a lot more to it than that.
Schuyler Van Alen, 15, is turning into a vampire. She and the other blue bloods come from an ancient race of vampires. But Schuyler is different, while other vampires can access their past lives, Schuyler can’t because she is half human, half vampire. Something never heard of before by the blue blood vampires.
When the blue bloods ancient enemy, the silver bloods, start murdering vampire teens, Schuyler and her friends try to uncover secrets long buried to solve the crimes.
The series started out well, but as I get further into the series, I find myself less and less excited to read the next installment. The books stop and start at random places. They would make more sense if De la Cruz grouped certain books together so it  would flow better.
Also the character focused on in the novel switched constantly. As soon as I finally got into a character’s story, De la Cruz would switch to a different character.
“Blue Bloods” is no “Twilight” phenomena, but I know I will end up reading the entire series. I need to be positive that Schuyler ends up with the right guy and that good triumphs over evil once more.

It doesn’t try to be more than it is. For that I have to at least finish the series, whenever it eventually ends.

To learn more about the Blue Bloods Series, go to
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