Honor's Orchestra to perform at Buffalo Grove

By Meghan Doyle
Executive News Editor
The opening bars of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 will rumble through the halls of Buffalo Grove on Sunday, Nov. 13, as the full symphony orchestra faces orchestra director Patrick O’Connor, waiting for its next cue.

Though the setting implies a much more professional scenario, the orchestra is composed of around 100 high school students from all six District 214 schools.
Every year since the 1960s, students have auditioned for District 214’s Honors Orchestra and then come together to give a free fall concert and perform at the district music festival in the spring.
This Sunday, the students are expected to arrive at the high school in black dressy attire around one p.m. to set the stage and rehearse before performing at three.

The majority of the preparation, however, has already been accomplished. The orchestra has had nine full group rehearsals, rehearsed in sections (strings, winds and percussion) and practiced with Hersey’s band director Scott Casagrande and O’Connor.

Violin player junior Carolyn Brumm is excited for this performance because ofthe dedication she has put into the group by practicing over the summer and one to two days during the school week.
Because of all this hard work, the orchestra is expected to give a very good concert, according to both O’Connor and Brumm.

“I think [the students are] going to perform at a really high level,” O’Connor said.
This year, there are 10 Prospect students included in the orchestra, mostly upperclassmen and section leaders.
Brumm, though not a section leader, acknowledges the difference in atmosphere of Prospect Orchestra, compared to Honors Orchestra, and has so far enjoyed her first experience.
“Everyone’s there to have fun and play their instruments,” Brumm said, also mentioning the added rigor of the music.
As this is O’Connor’s first year with the Honors Orchestra too, he said his favorite part so far has been collaborating with kids from all over the area.
“Working with kids from all six schools — I think that’s really neat to get to connect with them and create a group that represents each of the six orchestra programs throughout the district,” O’Connor said.
Brumm said she appreciated having her own director be the Honors Orchestra director because it made for an “easier transition” when she didn’t have to “learn a new personality.”
After this upcoming concert, the orchestra will take a short break and then begin new music for the district festival in March. Still, they are looking forward to performing on Sunday.
“[The students have] been working really hard, and they sound great,” O’Connor said. “This concert is going to be a culmination of all their hard work and effort.”