Adopt- a- Child to begin soon

By Khrystyna Halatyma
Features Editor
Adopt-a-Child is a program for all third hour classes, students, clubs and other volunteers. These groups or classes come to see service club coordinator David Jacobson in his office on Tuesday Nov, 29th and pick a child to “adopt”. This means that the class will spend the next few weeks donating money for the child or children they have “adopted”.
After all the money is donated and collected in a class service club members or students themselves go out to a store and buy toys and winter clothing for the children. Jacobson said it is asked that no more than $50-70 be spent on a single child for the sake of consistency.

Buying winter clothing, anything from hats and gloves to warm coats, is a big contribution. It goes a long way to help the children to make it through the cold season. It helps them on what Jacobson calls just “a basic survival level”.
All the gifts will be collected on Dec. 14th and taken by service club members to the Christian Church of Arlington Heights where the families pick later pick them up.
“We’re just trying to help out some needy families during the holiday season,” said Jacobson.