I'm watching Ellen, why aren't you?

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
When the last school bell rings, I get make sure I have all my homework that will take me hours to finish, and rush home. 
Teachers may wish I am hurrying to read “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” or graph linear problems. Well that’s not exactly the case since “Ellen DeGeneres Show” starts at 3 p.m on NBC.
Ellen is what I’d like to think the teenage version of Oprah.
Though I shouldn’t judge Oprah and her 25 other episodes since I have never really paid attention to her show.
I actually do not like any talk show host. There is just something about Oprah, Dr.Phil and Bill O’Reilly that just seems to bore me to death.
But then of course, there is Ellen.
Two years ago my grandparents came up from Florida to see my older brother’s last year of high school football in my old town, Belvidere, Ill. Everyday when I would come home I would see my grandmother just laughing on the couch watching “Ellen.”
Of course I would sit down and tell her all about my day while just listening to the television in the back round. As days went by, I would only talk to her during the commercials. Next thing I knew I was shushing my own grandmother to listen what new thing, like the new shiny red car, Ellen was giving out now.  
Seeing all the celebrities that I actually heard, like Dylan McDermott from the new series “American Horror Story”, is only a plus of watching this show. Watching what Ellen does for people is why I take an hour out of my day to sit down and relax.  
Ellen helps families that need the money to cute kids singing Nicki Minaj on YouTube. Not only that but all the free stuff she gives the audience every episode.  
So yeah, I am a 16 year-old girl that watches “Ellen DeGeneres Show” everyday. Why aren’t you?