Wacky News

By Maddie Conway
The story: An Illinois man called 911 five times in a row earlier this week because of a very serious emergency — or, well, what he considered very serious, at least: His iPhone stopped working.
When asked by the 911 operator if he had an emergency, the man replied, “Yes, I do. My emergency is my f*@#ing phone don’t work.” That was on the second call. He called three more times.
On the fourth call, the operator asked if the man could give him his address so a police officer could go to his house, but the man claimed the police couldn’t help him because he would “shoot me with a gun.” So the operator asked if he’d been drinking. The man said no. He did say, however, “I’m just not very smart.”
My take: This guy wasn’t joking when he said he wasn’t smart. Whether or not he was actually drinking is something else entirely, but hey, at least he knows that he’s not smart.
Really, that self-awareness is a positive attribute. Between being stupid and knowing and being stupid and not knowing it, I’d at least want to realize the extent of my own idiocy. All things considered, he’s got some things going for him: He’s persistent, at least, and didn’t let that darn operator hang up on him just once. Granted, his problem-solving skills might need some improvement, but at least he’s on his way to figuring that out.
Check out more at http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/weird/michael-alan-skopec-called-emegency-services-five-times-because-he-could-not-work-his-apple-iphone/story-e6frev20-1226197229478