Opening up Birchbox

By Maddy Moloney
In-Depth Editor
Who doesn’t love mail? Magazines, Birthday cards from grandma or that yearly postcard you get from the dentist with a corny tooth pun– I love it all. But imagine my joy when it comes to packages, because that means I get presents too. 

That’s only one of the reasons why Birchbox, the monthly subscription of four to five high end beauty samples, is going to be taking over many girls’ wishlist this Christmas.  Think of it like if fruit of the month club had a baby with Sephora but was raised by Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

On the 10th of every month the Birchbox is shipped out and normally lands on my door step within a week. Naturally when my Birchbox is delivered, I fall into a mood that only dove chocolate can normally slip me into. 
In my November box I received: Anastaia Beverly Hills HydraFull Gloss in Sugar Pink, Harvey Prince perfume in Eau Flirt, Supersmile professional whitening tooth paste and Zoya nail polish in Holly. All of which come in generous quantities. My teeth are already starting show results from the tooth paste and I can’t get past how fast the nail polish dries.
Each box is customized for each individual subscription based on the beauty profile you create  on This way if you are allergic to anything or strictly use only vegan products Birchbox can accommodate your needs. And, oh wait, have I mentioned that Birchbox is only ten bucks a month? 
But that is not all that Birchbox has to offer. Aside from the clever theme for each month and the pink packaging (after all who doesn’t love pink?) Birchbox’s online website has a product review points system. In order to get feedback about the products the company offers ten points for each product reviewed. After you rack up 100 points offers you ten dollars cash money to use in their online store of full sized products of the same ones sent in the Birchbox each month. also offers a magazine style portion of their website with both videos and articles explaining how to reap the full benefits of the products sent home each month. 
And one last time in case your jaw isn’t already touching the floor, it’s only ten dollars a month.