Emmy's Emmys: Best guest star

Nick Jonas stars as Ryan, Kristin's ex-boyfriend and dad to her son Boyd, who returns to the Baxter home hoping for forgiveness.

By Emmy Lindfors
Managing Editor
The Jonas Brothers. Remember them? Our middle school heartthrobs who we used to argue over who would date Joe and Nick, because quite frankly no one wanted to be with Kevin.
Well, the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers has made his way onto the television scene with his guest role on “Last Man Standing.” Nick Jonas starred as Ryan, Boyd’s dad and Kristin’s former boyfriend.
It was the Christmas episode where Ryan comes back to the Baxter household. He wants to be a part of Boyd’s life, which the family thinks is good, going by the “better late than never,” since Ryan has been out of the picture since Boyd was born.
When originally hearing that Jonas was going to guest star, all I could think of was “Here, we go again. Another forgotten pop star trying his hand at acting.”
But, I was surprised in his performance. He actually seemed to know what he was doing, and if you didn’t know about his past profession, you would have thought he was a regular actor.
Given, in a scene he had to pretend to be a stuck-up, rich kid which being in the entertainment industry you don’t have to look far to find influences. But, he ended up stealing the scene at the end, conducting the whole church in their Christmas carols while standing on a bench flinging his arms around.
In the end, with playing a character that could potentially become a regular, ABC picked a good one.
Watch below for the episode’s preview.