V-show prepares for more variety

Performers sing and dance at last year's V-Show.
By Brian Park
Staff Writer
Once again, the V-show auditions have returned to Prospect. This tradition of 15-20 years involves showing off one’s talent, such as singing, or as random as making sound effects with the mouth.
Performers have their auditions on Dec. 13, between 3 and 6 p.m. All Prospect students and staff with an act can sign up for this in front of the choir office to get a chance to perform at Prospect’s own V-show on May 18 and 19.
However, practice is required. At the actual V-show, expect around 20-24 acts. These places would be well-deserved, because around 70 people try out at the auditions, according to dance director Kristin Burton, who will be working with the performers.
“We’re looking for the best talent to showcase for the show,” Burton said.
The substantial amount of time between the auditions and the show allows for performers to really perfect their act. They practice beforehand to be eligible to audition, and then afterwards to make their act better in order to make the V-show as appealing as possible for the audience.

According to Burton, in the past there has been more single performers that audition than group acts. Solo performances are not the only option, however. Getting together to perform an act with someone you know is a possibility. There has even been a club-sponsored act from Orchesis in the past.

“We’re really trying this year to include a lot more people so it will bring in a bigger crowd,” Burton said. “We’re just going to try to do a couple of things different to make it more appealing to the audience.”