The world according to Maggie

By Maggie Devereux
Online Managing Editor
After much thought, I’ve decided to rename Maggie Matters to The World According to Maggie. I don’t really feel like going into detail why, but If you really want to know ask either my mom or Mr. Bellof. They both have different reasons, but it all comes back to the same basic idea — sometimes I like it when the world revolves around me. I mean don’t we all? I’m just not afraid to admit it.
Country Music: After watching the CMAs and the AMAs over the past month, I have felt the need to write about my infatuation with country music.
My entire iPod is made up of only country music except for two songs, and it’s not that I hate pop or rap or any other genre — folk anyone? The thing is I just love country.
There are songs that deal with almost any situation and make you feel a millions times better knowing someone else has felt exactly the way you do. I know a lot of music does that, too, but somehow the lyrics and soothing feeling that’s consistent in country music makes it so appealing.

I know a lot of people don’t like country music. I mean, to each his own right? Just like I’m not a huge fan of classical or techno, I can’t blame people for disliking country, but outright hatred of it is just wrong.

I could continue to try to explain in words my obsession with the genre, but personally I’d rather just show you. 
Here are the top 15 country songs stuck in my head right now. The song title will bring you to a YouTube video of the song, and the singer’s name will bring you to their official website.

If you’ve listened to all of these and didn’t like ONE of them, then you might have a problem. But at the end of the day all that matters is that I love my country music.