Taxi KAB fashions: Chipmunk time

By Katie Best
Executive In-Depth Editor
The time has come when we bundle up in extra layers— and pounds— for the winter. Just like a chipmunk, we tend to eat more during the winter months in order to put on fat in order to keep warm. While eating one too many Christmas cookies is fine and dandy, that extra cookie can do some serious damage to your figure… and your wardrobe.

Those cute jeans that you bought in the summer on sale? Yeah, they probably aren’t going to fit. That skin-tight, sexy, black pencil skirt you bought for new years? Say hello to those love handles!
But have no fear! Here are a few tips to keep those pounds off, and disguise a Christmas-hangover figure.
1). Eat. 
Now, this may seem like the total opposite of the purpose of this post, but it is OK to eat—just with the right portions. That means back off the extra helpings of that Christmas duck, chicken, turkey, turducken… whatever. One portion does not mean taking four scoops of your granny’s mash potatoes either, it means one or MAYBE two scoops. But if you think you think your eating too much, just walk away from the food and no one gets hurt (or gains those unwanted pounds).

2). Black is a curve’s best friend.
Surprisingly, those love handles everyone hates so much can be helped. There is a reason every girl must have a “little black dress,” and it is because black is slimming. Now, I’m not saying black is like an erasable magic marker that can just be used to make those handles poof! Disappear. Black simply disguises those curves and makes them less noticeable and slimmer. 
3). Cookies and chocolate are OK! 

Let me rephrase that: Cookies and chocolate are OK… on occasion. If you are craving chocolate, take a single serving of chocolate and the craving will be satisfied. If you eat an apple in place of chocolate, you might find yourself eating more because the initial craving isn’t satisfied.

4). Jeans are great.
If you find the perfect pair of jeans, buy them. Nothing is better for making your figure look great than the perfect pair of jeans. If you want to find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly, I would suggest checking out Lucky Brand Jeans, Nordstrom (ask for a sale associate’s help), or even True Religion.
5). Boots. Boots. Boots. 
I’m not just talking Uggs here. I’m talking about short boots, leather boots, tall boots, really any type of boots. My mom once told me “boots are one of the sexiest things a woman can wear,” and I believe it’s true. Boots make your legs look longer, they are (almost) always stylish, and they make you look taller and thinner. Not only that, but they also keep your feet nice and toasty in those frosty winter months.
6). Treadmills.
The reason these were invented is so people could get exercise even under poor conditions like Chicago winters.  Invest in a used one for only around 300 dollars and hop on it.  You are better off staying in shape than trying to cover your love handles up with baggy clothes or awkward accessories.  You will thank me in the spring.
So there are a few tips to keep those unwanted pounds off and disguise that figure. So instead of packing on the pounds for Christmas, just remember these tips. (Oh, and watch this too! Alvin and the Chipmunks for the win.)