Staff defeats seniors for Knightgames victory

By Karolina Chwala
Executive News Editor

1Colors of red, green, yellow and orange with a bit of black and blue crowded the fieldhouse. Chants such as, “Seniors, seniors!” slowly began erupting from the stands as Knightgames kicked off at 7 p.m. on Wed, Oct. 7 in the fieldhouse.
Hundreds of students came to the event to cheer on their fellow class members as they competed in events from the three-legged race to the obstacle course, the mummy wrap to the game of musical chairs or tug of war.
In the end, the staff pulled out a win for the fourth consecutive year. The seniors followed closely in second place. The parents followed in third place, and the juniors, sophomores and freshman, were in fourth, fifth and sixth place, respectively.
Even though none of the student teams won, they still all rejoiced in their victories, piling onto the court.
School spirit was without a doubt present among the crowds of students, according to Prospect parent Julie Leeney, one of the members of the parent team.
Leeney has been participating in Knightgames for three years now and has competed in the three-legged race and musical chairs, and participated in the obstacle course by dribbling a basketball while on a scooter.
“I think it’s [the students’] favorite part of the year. They get excited and just enjoy themselves out here,” Leeney said.
Senior Student Council president Ivaylo Valchev agrees, and has noticed that every year students get very into not only competing, but cheering also, as cheers could be heard with the numerous chants that were spurting out throughout the entire night.
Valchev was happy that the Class of 2010 was able to move two spots up from last year’s seniors’ ranking and wasn’t surprised at all by the first place title given to the staff.
“They pick big guys to participate in the tug of war game every year, so they can win right away,” Valchev said.
Junior Kathryn Lowry thought differently, and believed that the seniors would win the first place spot this year, even though she knew the staff always had a substantial chance to win.
According to Valchev, who helped organize and run the event with other Student Council members, this year’s Knightgames were much better than last year’s. Although it was very stressful because communication between Student Council members was difficult to hear over the “screaming classes” and frustrated student competitors, Valchev thinks the night ran much more smoothly.
Lowry thought the obstacle course this year was very well put together, because it had combined a large variety of activities and was very competitive in its nature. Even though Lowry enjoys watching the musical chairs game, she has noticed that there is a lot of cheating with it as competitors move around chairs or don’t keep moving.
Even though there is still a full year left until the next Knightgames, Lowry already has an idea for next year. According to Lowry, having the students who are on the court operating the events wear special jersey that stick out would help make them stand out, and would maybe make it easier to keep everything organized by keeping all others off the court.