Orchesis to perform "Through Our Eyes" show

By Andriana Hayes
Staff Writer

Dance has always been the body’s form of expressing itself. To dancers, dance is a passion that is inexplicable through sheer raw, free movement.

Not only is dance an expression of the body, it is an art form that any viewer will admire and appreciate due to the acquired skill and graceful beauty of it. Dancers slave away to perfect every step, turn, and jump in order to achieve the gratification of exhibiting their favorite pastime.

Once a year, Prospect is lucky enough to watch its most talented dancers perform in a show compiled and choreographed by the dancers themselves.

This year, Orchesis presents the show “Through Our Eyes”, an emotional show with sparkling costumes, and impassioned dancing such as the closing dance that features the song “Eyes” by DJ Kaskade.

The show will open on Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. in the theater and will close on Saturday February 4th at 2 p.m. With 4 performances, there is no reason to miss this annual show that has been in the making since the beginning of the school year.

The theme is based off of the way that the dancers themselves interpret dance and movement, how dance is seen through their eyes. The show contains 23 dances, 20 choreographed by students and 3 choreographed by guest choreographers  Each Orchesis dancer will perform in at least five dances, not including the opening and closing dances.

Orchesis director Kristin Burton says this year’s show will be different from past performances because every show Orchesis does is really diverse and current and incorporates all kinds of dancing, from hip hop to contemporary to even tap this year.

Audiences should Burton says her favorite dances in the show are the seniors’ dance and the underclassmen dance so viewers should be on the look-out for those numbers.

With 32 hard working dancers, the show will certainly keep any viewer on their toes with different styles of dancing as well as different emotions portrayed such as happiness, loneliness, and anger.

“Dance can really be interpreted any way you want,” Burton said.

For now, Orchesis continues to practice every day on all the dances until the show in early February. Only then will audiences be able to interpret these dances into something meaningful to themselves, something worth dancing for.