The World According to Maggie

By Maggie Devereux
Online Managing Editor
Part One: Best Drinks
1. McDonald’s Pineapple Mango Smoothie.
These things are amazing. Once I have 5 in one week. For some reason the combination of pineapple and mango make them completely addictive. And yes I would say I’m addicted.
If you haven’t tried one of these, seriously try it. You’ll thank me later. Unless you hate pineapple or mango, because then I don’t think you’ll enjoy one.  And don’t worry, it’s only 270 calories for a medium. 

2. Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha
When I was in Kansas City in November of 2010 for a journalism convention, it was really cold. And since we had to walk to the convention, we had to brace the chilly winds. Luckily there was a Starbucks right by the hotel. So I had to find a new hot drink to keep myself warm. I decided to try the White Chocolate Mocha and ended up having four during that weekend alone. Since then I have relied on it during long nights or chilly days.

Part Two: Sickness from stress is not fun
It wouldn’t be the world according to me unless there was some kind of complaint thrown in. And now that finals are over, I don’t have much to complain about. So let’s rewind a week and I’ll complain about how the stress of finals made me sick.
I got a cold the Tuesday the week before finals, and no matter how many allergy pills, Nasonex quirts, or how much cough medicine I take, I can’t shake this cold. And trying to study while having to blow your nose every five minutes is impossible. 

Looking up “Understanding how stress can make you sick” on (not kidding), I found out that 75 to 90 percent of doctor’s visits are in some way stress related,  and that every week 112 million people take some form of medication for stress-related symptoms. Make that 112 million and one.
Plus it makes me “that kid”. You know what I’m talking about. The kid during your test that sniffles every 10 seconds and breaks your concentration. I despise those kids. During a winter Spanish final freshman year, I went back and forth between getting up and throwing the kleenex box in the room at the kid in front of me or not. I decided against it. But now, I was that kid. And it annoys me just as much as it annoyed all of you in my classes.