Speech places first at MSL tournament

By Tim Angerame
Entertainment Editor
Prospect’s speech team has won a conference title at the IHSA tournament at Harper Community College. The entire Mid Suburban League took part in the tournament. There were fourteen events based on acting and public speaking.

Speech team has been preparing for this tournament since April, according to coach and English teacher Jeremy Morton. They practice every day of every week. The students practice for an hour with a coach, and then practice for a few hours among themselves.

Junior Olivia Churchill has been with speech team for two years. She and senior Sara Brumm competed in the Radio Speaking event. The event called for the presentation to be between four minutes and 50 seconds and five minutes and 5 seconds long, and places emphasis on articulation, enunciation, vocal quality, and importance placed on stories.
The contestants get 45 minutes of preparation and a packet filled with recent news stories.
Churchill had placed second in the competition.
“[It’s] awesome, because I’ve been working forever to try and find the specific voice and everything that I need to really compete,” Churchill said. “It definitely paid off.”
Senior Connor Fitzgerald and senior Jacqueline Dunderdale paced first in Humorous Duet Acting, and second in Dramatic Duet Acting. Rules for both events are the same. There is an eight minute time limit and according to the tournament’s guidebook, “The characterization should be believable and consistent with the author’s intent. The movement should flow naturally from the characters, giving proper focus on action and reaction.”
Fitzgerald and Dunderdale have been practicing their Humorous Duet routine since October. Fitzgerald had also practiced the Dramatic Duet routine since October, but after a partner change, Jaqueline had to learn the entire routine in a week.
“We really went into hustle mode, but we got it together,” said Fitzgerald. The hard work had paid off, since they placed second in Dramatic Acting to two other teammates.