Clock conundrum

A clock reads three a.m. during sixth period on Wednesday. The system was off by eight hours, leading to some confusion.

By Anna Boratyn
Features Editor
The clocks in every classroom have been eight hours and 48 minutes off today, Wednesday 8.
Floyd Canaday, Level  Two Technological Repairman says the clocks, which were installed for this school year,  are out of sync.
“We have controller units that syncs to all these clocks wirelessly and there was a problem with one of the controller units,” Canaday said.
The glitch does not affect the period bells because they are on a different system.
Technology Assistant Susan Ellen says that the technology help desk has gotten lots of calls from teachers and staff about the clocks.

“We are aware that it’s happening and the people who are supposed to take are of it are working on it,” Ellen said.
Junior Madelyn Sobey has found the out-of-sync clocks confusing.
“I looked up in class, and I thought maybe it was just me, but somebody said they’d been like that all day,” Sobey said.
Sobey has an easy solution.
“Now I just check my phone,” Sobey said.