Company, Mixed Company previews show (video)

Company member sophomore Jen Schiro performs in the show choir preview show.
By Tim Angerame
Entertainment Editor
Company and mixed company had performed a Preview show on Tuesday evening, February 7. They had performed songs such as “Don’t Fence Me In” and “Rocket man”.
Junior Patrick Pfohl, a Mixed Company member, thought it went well, but thinks they need to work more on sustaining their vocals. He believes this problem can be corrected by more practice outside of rehearsals.
Junior Sean Brennan, a member of combo, the backup band for the performance, thought the show went well on his end despite a few missteps.
“There is never a perfect show, even though we wish for one,” said Brennan.
According to sophomore Jennifer Ruda part of a perfect show is connecting with an audience.
“You connect with the audience and you dance and sing with the audience and you’re conveying a message to the audience. It’s like you’re communicating with the audience,” Ruda said.
While they are not perfect yet senior Nick Cartwright thought the performance went well.
“It was fun,” said Cartwright. “I think we really pulled it together.
This was the first show of the show choir season and shows what the rest of the year has to come. Senior Walker Brewer described the show as a “good first run”.
“It looks like it’s going to be an exciting year,” Brewer said.