Wacky News

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor

FBI makes big mistake

The story: FBI breaks down a woman’s door with a chainsaw and holds her at gun point, except they have the wrong apartment. Her daughter saw the whole thing and now has trouble sleeping and the woman now sleeps with a baseball bat. The person FBI was looking for was suspected on dealing drugs and therefore planned the raid. FBI apologizes to the woman and is paying for the damage they have made. To read the full story, click here.

My take: Everyone makes mistakes, but holding a woman at gun point for 30 minutes after she repeatedly screamed “you have the wrong apartment,” is a big deal. Now I have never seen the FBI in person, but from my TV they are scary people, that have a gun pointed at you. To top it all off, her little daughter saw the whole thing and now cannot sleep. I do not blame her though! If big creepy guys broke into my house with a chainsaw and then held my mom at gun point for that long, I would have a lot more problems than just sleeping. It does not help that I have seen all the “Chainsaw Massacre’s.” In the end, maybe FBI should save themselves some money and invest in just knocking, or just double check the address.