St. Baldricks returning this spring

  By Spencer Ball
  Staff Writer
Last year students and staff raised a whopping $3,000 for the Saint    Baldrick’s event. Saint Baldricks supports pediatric cancer research, and just last year, 11,210 children were diagnosed with cancer.
The Saint Baldrick’s event will begin on Feb. 21 and end on April 5. All the money made during the event goes towards childhood cancer research, which could possibly lead to the cure.

According to service learning coordinator David Jacobson, who is in charge of Saint Baldricks, the first important date is from Feb. 21 to March 16. The seventh period classes are going to collect money for Saint Baldricks, and the top two classes that raise the most money will win a pizza party.
Starting on March 19, Saint Baldricks t-shirts will be sold for $10 in the commons during all lunch hours. Once a shirt is purchased, students are eligible to get their heads shaved on March 22 in the commons during all lunch periods. Students will have to fill out a parental consent form before entering.
“It was fun watching all the boys get their head shaved,” Jacobson said. “We had a big crowd. People were at lunch, so they crowded around and watched them do it. It was cool.”
Then, on April 5, all of the teachers who who want to will get their head shaved during the pep assembly on that day. Social science teacher Erik Hodges was one of the teachers who took part in the shavings last year.
“I had never shaved my head before, so I was actually a little nervous,” Hodges said, “But it turned out really well. I thought it was for a really good cause and we raised money. It was all in good fun.”
When asked if he encouraged other teachers to participate after his experience last year, Hodges said, “Absolutely. Especially female teachers . . . that was a joke.”