Wacky News

By Kiley Walsh
Opinion Editor
The Story: Characteristics of a newly discovered bee— golden hair, full of beauty, and oh so “bootylicious” — can only be worthy of one name: Beyonce. The bee was captured in 1981, the same year Beyonce was born, so Bryan Lessard, a 24-year-old researcher and super-fan of Knowles herself, named the insect Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae. He hopes she’ll take the honor as a compliment, but also chose the name to draw more attention for further research on the bee.
My take: It’s very well known that Beyonce is “bootylicious.” While having a species named after you can be extremely cool and complimentary, I’m not sure if I would want the largeness of a bee’s butt to be what people think of when hearing my name. It’d be one thing if a dangerously fast animal was named after someone like Usain Bolt. To represent a threatening and powerful animal is rewarding and something to be proud of, but they might as well call elephants Nick Minaj or nick name pugs after Jack Black if they’re going to name species purely off looks.
Lessard still has yet to hear from Beyonce, who just gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy Carter. So, ten years from now, little Blue Ivy can go to a museum and look at all the animals. And when she sees the ones with the biggest butts, she can then respectfully and scientifically think, “That looks just like my mom!”
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