Wacky News

By Matt Bajkowski
Sports Editor

The Story:  An 85-year-old Alaska woman used a shovel to beat back a moose that had stomped her 82-year-old husband and then charged her, the Anchorage Daily News reports from The Last Frontier. Here’sthe full story!
Photo courtesy of USA today.
My Take: I’ve always heard the saying, that in some places, they breed them differently.  Apparently, in Alaska, they breed them very differently.

Alaska seems like a very different place in general from where i live, I mean, the only thing I worry about on a daily basis is if my mom made my lunch, not whether I should be on the look out for a pissed off moose.
What bothers me the most though, is I have no idea what I would use to fight off a moose.  Unfortunately, I don’t always carry my moose-fighting shovel with me, or have my grandma around, so I think I would give the moose my lunch and hope something out of If You give a Moose a Muffin occurs.