Emmy's Emmys: Worst Singing Show

By Emmy Lindfors
Managing Editor
Instead of talking about the best singing show and how I really want one of their spinning, comfy-looking chairs, I decided to take a look at the worst singing show.First off, it isn’t X Factor. X Factor is a shame to not only talent shows but television and quite possibly the world. It shouldn’t even be a show. Without going off too much, I can safely say I’m pretty sure Simon is kicking himself for leaving “Idol.”
Which brings us to truly the worst singing show, “American Idol.”
This week, “Idol” was a continuation of Hollywood week. But, it was group week which in case you didn’t hear the phrase 20 times during the previews, is commonly referred to as hell. On Wednesday night’s episode, it definitely lived up to its name.
With a combination of overworking and dehydration, four contestants (not including the ones who were not shown) fainted. And each time someone went tumbling to the floor, they almost cracked their head open.
While viewers gasp at the sight of someone falling limp to the ground, once is enough. Maybe it is just me, but viewers do not want to watch a singing show where people faint all the time. If that’s the case, maybe “Idol” needs to change the title to “Fainting Idol” and see what weirdos come out of the corners to watch it.
Don’t the producers and creators of “Idol” see a problem with this? Just maybe, it might be a good idea to lengthen the time needed to work on group performances, so people stop dropping like flies.
Colton Dixon

On a positive note, it could get better. Hollywood Week is a major downside to “Idol” in general. Even though, viewers look for favorites, the judges seem to always nix those people.
But, my  favorite so far is Colton Dixon, who was eliminated last year, but his voice has made huge improvements.
This upcoming week on “Idol,” the finalists are revealed for who we can start voting for.