Moskwa, Chess Team perform well at state

By Tim Angerame
Entertainment Editor 

Junior Robert Moskwa is has become a valuable asset to Prospect Chess Team. He took on the state meet undefeated and won honors for being one of the best players.
“I was really excited, but I couldn’t really show it,” Moskwa said. “I think I was the first Prospect student, so I was overjoyed.”
    Moskwa didn’t stop there. He was named a Warren Junior Scholar for being one of the best chess players in all of Illinois. He was even invited to the prestigious Denker Tournament to compete at a national level.
To practice for the tournament, Prospect Chess team would participate in smaller tournaments, according to Moskwa. Moskwa also said that the chess team uses software to practice as well, but finds it more beneficial to play against other people.
Moskwa said that chess games could last from a few minutes to several hours, depending on time controls. His longest game was six and a half hours, ending at around one in the morning.
“All my games were very long,” said Moskwa.
    Moskwa said that he feels mentally tired after long tournaments. When he first started playing in tournaments, he didn’t think he would be able to play for all those hours. However, after a lot of experience, Moskwa said he’s more prepared.

You can read more about Moskwa’s chess prowess here after the jump.