Beloved 7 eleven closes

By Angela Larsen
Staff Writer
Driving down Arlington Heights Road, many Prospect students are fired up about the 7 eleven closing down.
On January 26th, the 7 eleven in Arlington Heights closed down due to fact that the manager could not generate enough revenue to cover the rent. Many students share their disappointment and stories as this memorial journey comes to an end.
Seniors Nick Wendling and Hugo Aguilera express their sadness about this monumental place. Wendling describes how 7 eleven was a meeting spot for South alumni until it was closed.
“The Arlington Heights 7 eleven was my favorite place to go,” Aguilera said. “It was my second home.” 
“Me and my group of friends made friends with the people that worked there,” Wendling said. “Sev, I will miss you forever.”
Also grieving is senior Nick Cartwright, who tells stories about how Mixed Company would go to what they called “the pantch” after every Tuesday and Thursday practice.
Cartwright’s last fond memory at “the pantch” was right after last year’s End of the Year show. All of Mixed Company, Company, and even some alumni went to this 7 eleven just to follow tradition.
“Overall, there were like 70 people there afterwards, just partying it up,” Cartwright said. “It was awesome.”