Emmy's Emmys: Best Musical Moment

By Emmy Lindfors
Managing Editor

Sheldon Cooper.
There are many words that can describe him (physicist, intelligent, quirky), but “Big Bang Theory” viewers would never think musician was one of them.
This week, Sheldon proved them wrong.
After learning his barber was in the hospital, Sheldon was thrown for a loop. He did not know how to function since his hair was making him feel “like a teen heart throb.” Sheldon began taking a turn for the worse one night at three in the morning when he got a pair of bongos and began writing his own song.
Since Thursday night, when the episode aired, I have watched the clip at least 15 times. Each time, I can’t help but start dying of laughter. Sheldon’s musical side has officially become one of my top 10 “Big Bang Theory” moments.
To enjoy Sheldon’s musical moment, click here. “The Big Bang Theory” airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. on CBS.