TPC to hold 'Trivia Knight'

By Jack McDermott

Staff Writer

This Friday, March 2, the Teacher-Parent Council (TPC) will hold its second annual Trivia Knight from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. with a grand prize of $200.  To win this prize, a team of up to 10 players will need to have the highest score after ten rounds of questions.

The entry fee is $20 per person and $10 for staff members.  The tables hold ten ,and the table with the best theme will receive the $100 prize.  This theme can be anything you choose from band members to nerds

Trivia Knight will be held in St. Paul Lutheran School’s gymnasium at 18 S. School St. in Mt. Prospect.

Last year, thanks to the 200 attendants, $4,000 was raised.  This money helped fund over 50 Prospect groups including Book Bites, Cricket Club and the Junior Class Board.
This year, $4,500 is expected to be raised and even more groups will be helped, including groups like the Ultimate Frisbee Club.
To receive money, a group must apply for a grant, and then the TPC reads over applications and decides who needs the grant most.
Although students are not allowed to attend, an adult with a love for trivia is wanted.  Marguerita Whitby, the head of the TPC Trivia Knight, wants all adults to come, whether affiliated with Prospect or not.