World According to Maggie

By Maggie Devereux
Online Managing Editor
Being a teenager is not fun sometimes. School is stressful, coaches push too hard, college is scary to think about, homework takes too long and everyone’s social life is not always perfect . I mean, if you find a way to avoid drama all four years at this place, props to you. But I have my doubts that anyone can get out of here without facing stress at one point.
Trying to balance everything takes a lot of work, sometimes too much. Trust me, from my experiences, you’re going to break down sometimes. And it ain’t pretty.
So, this “World According to Maggie” is advocating that in the real world, pick one day a week (or more if you’re feeling generous) and instead of worrying about everything that makes you unhappy, occupy yourself with trying to make someone else happy.
Even on your worst days, find a way to wipe away the tears and listen to someone else’s problems. Shoot them a smile when you can’t — or don’t want to— give yourself one.
And then, you never know who might come to your aid the next time you’re really down in the dumps.
There are somedays where I am so overwhelmed I feel like I’ll explode. But I wouldn’t have gotten through them without talking to my closest friends and teachers. And that makes me want to return the favor.
All it takes is something as simple as a smile. After all, just a smile can make you less stressed, more in control and perceived more attractive by others. Who could pass that up?