'Gone' a mystery worth solving

By Danielle Church

Staff Writer

On Halloween, I went to a friend’s house and saw “Paranormal Activity” for the first time. When I say I watched the movie, I actually mean that I looked at what was going on every once in awhile. I’m proud to say I am a huge chicken when it comes to really scary movies like “Paranormal Activity” or “Saw.” I can only deal with certain suspense and thriller movies, and the new movie “Gone” happens to be one of those movies.

It’s not just an average suspense/thriller movie where everyone gets killed by the end, it actually has a mystery that will keep audiences entangled.

“Gone” is a story about a young girl in her 20’s, Jill Parrish(Amanda Seyfried), who was abducted over a year ago. One night she was sound asleep when a man kidnapped her and then threw her down a hole in the middle of the woods that was filled with human remains from his previous victims.

Luckily, when they showed these remains it was just a little bit of hair and a couple of bones. It was still gross but at least it wasn’t like many other movies such as “Saw” or “Friday the 13th” that are extremely gruesome.

When Jill’s abductor climbs down the hole to kill her, she stabbed him with one of the other victim’s forearm bones that she found in the pit and was able to escape.

Although, here’s the catch. When Jill went to the police, they didn’t believe her. The only thing they know is that she was covered in mud when they found her. There were no signs of sexual trauma, bruises or scratches. They couldn’t even find the hole in the woods, which leads them to believe she is crazy.

This drove me crazy the entire movie. I just do not understand how something as bad as that could have happened to someone and absolutely no one believed her. It doesn’t matter if she didn’t show signs of any trauma, there is no reason someone would obsess about something like that and in the end have made it up.

However, that is just the beginning of the film. I could not even count how many times my sister used her hands to cover her eyes for the rest of the movie. By the end, she was asking me a bunch of questions because my eyes had been glued to the screen the entire time. If you get to the movie and think it starts to get boring(which it won’t be), don’t worry because the pop ups will definitely give you some excitement.

In addition to all the pop ups being so good, Seyfried is a great actress and did an amazing job of playing Jill. She wasn’t just the damsel in distress like she was in the movie “Red Riding Hood.” Seyfried played a more suitable role where she was persistent in everything she did. She actually fought back against her and her sister’s abductor without help from anyone else.

“Gone” is a great suspenseful movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering who the serial killer is the entire time. He is finally revealed in the end and trust me, the ending is a huge surprise. You will never see it coming.