Graduation moves outside, turf construction pushed back

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
When rumors went around that this year’s graduation ceremony was going to be in the gym instead of on the field because of the turf construction, seniors were not happy.
“I think the school pays too much attention to sports and not enough on an event that happens only once for us,” senior Jenna Olsen said.

Students would have been limited to four tickets so that everyone could fit into the gym, whereas when it is on the field, everyone is invited.

Olsen, hearing that she would only be allowed four tickets, would have ruined her plans on inviting her whole family, including her aunt and all her cousins.
Construction on the turf was suppose to start May 28, but will be pushed back to June 4, so the ceremony can be outside.

“That is great, and how everything should be,” Olsen said.
According to associate principal Greg Minter, the reason construction needs to happen so early is because there is so much that goes into putting in the turf, and workers do not want to run into problems.
“The construction companies want to start as soon as they can, to guarantee it will be ready for the new school year,” Minter said.
Rolling Meadows and Buffalo Grove are also getting turf over summer break, and all the fields need to be done in time for the football season.
“We are a part of a project with two other schools and trying to get everything done in a time frame, so we can meet all the obligations for the MSL,” Minter said.
“This will push back when the field is done at least a week, but we are hoping it is done in time.”