Students shine at celebratory breakfast

Students pose at Wednesday morning's Student of the Month breakfast. The kids were honored for attitudes and hard work, among other traits.

By Ellen Siefke
Staff Writer 
Prospect hosted its Student of the Month breakfast this past Wednesday, March 7. About 25 different students were highlighted for some sort of excellence or hard work within the past month. Although most students were recognized for high grades and superior work ethic, two students particularly stuck out.

The first is Amanda Basalaj, a sophomore student in Señora Ossman’s Spanish 3 class. She was nominated due both her high grades and outstanding work ethic.

Basalaj was so dedicated that she decided to participate in the Immersion weekend, a trip to Minnesota for high-level Spanish students that allows them to practice their Spanish skills. Basalaj was the only sophomore in attendance, but she didn’t let that stop her.

“I just wanted to get better at Spanish,” Basalaj explained. “I knew it was a great opportunity for me.”

According to Ossman, Basalaj managed to speak entirely in Spanish the whole weekend, and she greatly improved her capacity for the language. Basalaj believes the experience greatly helped her with her studies.

“It was a little awkward at first, but in the end, everything paid off,” Basalaj said. “I felt like I learned a lot and understood the language much better afterwards.”

Another standout is sophomore Theodora Lusakis, whose story is truly inspirational.

Last year, Lusakis was struggling; her grades were low, she barely attended class, and her life overall was “crummy.” The turning point was over the summer, after a particularly hard day at summer school.

“That was when all my mistakes caught up with me,” Lusakis said. “I just realized that I was destroying my life.”

From that point and forward, Lusakis has gone nowhere but up. Her grades have improved dramatically, and her attendance record is nearly spotless.

“I just have a lot more confidence,” said Lusakis. “I feel way happier too. I have a better attitude, and I can’t wait for each day to come.”