Spring makes school stuffy, hot

By Cassie Palomo
Staff Writer
In really cold weather people wish it was hot, when its really hot out, people wish it was cold. The unexpected “spring” weather has many people wondering why it also feels like spring inside the school.
According to Building and Grounds supervisor, Oscar Acevedo, the reason why the school has been ridiculously hot is because the weather outside of school from the start of the new year has been 40 degrees higher than average.

However, there is a meteorological spring occurring which means it feels like spring but it is really still winter. Astronomical or “actual spring” begins March 20.
Ninety percent of the school building is coming off of a duel temperature system, which has been in use since the early 1990s. The systems uses hot water for heating and cold water for cooling.
Since the school only has a two pipe system, the unusual change in the weather won’t change the mode of the school, it will stay in winter mode until anywhere from the end of April to early May.
“There is a switch over that goes from a winter mode, to a summer mode,” Acevedo said.
Money isn’t the issue to why the school cant put the air conditioner on by making the switch. In fact, it is not even up the school. To convert to summer mode, it requires many procedures, that takes mainly one day to complete.
“Its all dictated by the [district administration at Forest View], we can not convert over to cooling until all the chillers are ready, and they have to give us the green light for when we can go over to cooling,” Acevedo said.
When the school is able to switch over to summer mode, there are about 16 ice tanks above the athletic gyms that produce an slush ice that is used to cool down the building.
So for now the only air conditioned place students will have are the computer labs because they run off a glycol system which is an organic compound widely used as an automotive antifreeze, which is mechanically run all year long. The classrooms unfortunately are a part of the duel temperature system and won’t be air conditioned until the call is made.
“The nice part about it, is we have windows in most the classrooms that can easily be opened,” Acevedo said. “If it was up to me, I’d already have the air conditioners on, but all we can do is wait.”