National Honor Society holds ceremony, celebrates students

 By Kelly Schoessling
 Staff Writer
    NHS, or National Honor Society, held their induction ceremony in the Prospect theater Thurday, Mar. 15. The ceremony was lead by school guidance counselor Lynn Thorton, and was held in PHS’s theater to both celebrate and introduce over 100 juniors who were accepted into the society.
Students are accepted through the characteristics of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students must also have a GPA over 4.8, at least 10 service hours, and write a complete essay on the concept of leadership, in order to be eligible for acceptance.
    Junior Bridget Sledz, a recipient of the night, said the ceremony was for enjoyable for everyone who attended.
“The speeches were phenomenal,” said Sledz. “It really opened our minds and made us think.”

The ceremony was a series of four speeches, all created and read by past NHS seniors, and board members.One speech, presented by Vice President Maddie Conway, covered the ideas and concept of scholarship. Another speech given by President Owen Hopfner talked about leadership, and the importance of realizing leadership in ourselves.
A speech was also given on the treasure of service, and how imperative it is in our society. Lastly, Walker Brewer talked about character, and the importance of keeping character as we grow older.

    Another aspect of the night Sledz greatly appreciated was the way people dressed. Students who attend the ceremony were asked to dress respectfully by wearing nice clothes such as dresses, skirts, or nice pants for girls. Boys were also asked to dress nice with dress pants, shirts, and optional ties.

The night was concluded by holding a reception after the ceremony in the school cafeteria, where both students and parents could celebrate the achievements of the students.
“I was certainly satisfied,” Sledz said.