Wacky News: anger room

By Kiley Walsh
Opinion Editor
The Story: A woman in Dallas is done with people bottling up their anger. As a solution to this problem, she has created an “anger room.”
The Anger Room is a room that Donna Alexander has created after years of verbal abuse while working in a call center. The room lets people safely and legally take out their anger with the swinging of a baseball bat. A visit to the anger room costs $25 to $75, but for a few extra bucks, the room can be transformed into your workplace.
Whether it’s frustrations over relationships or their boss, most people come to vent with the destruction of the room.
The room is also filled with fax machines, TVs, and other office equipment that you are allowed to smash, hit, throw or stomp in the course of your time.
The room began in Alexander’s garage, but now she moved it to a storefront.
My take: Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? 
This is exactly what the emotionally and physically stressed employees in our country need.
When following the same routine over and over every day, employees need a place to blow off steam and let go of all their anger.
People always make the mistake of lashing out at their co-workers or their bosses when they’re too stressed to think logically, but now this is a perfect solution for the people who aren’t strong enough to keep their mouths shut.
This room would be like paint-balling for the old people — a place where you can shoot or destroy anything in sight for a certain amount of time without being in trouble at the end of it.
With the only exception that this Anger Room could allegedly lead people to being much more violent in their work area, employees have been needing this room since the day they started working.
So don’t be surprised if the next time you’re at the airport you see all the workers in suits and dress clothes flying to Dallas. Because there is no connecting flight to their actual destination, just a room ready for business.