Middle school students prepare for band future

By Sarah Gervais
Staff Writer    
Feet tapped and hands clapped for the annual middle school band concert featuring the wind ensemble from both Lincoln and South Middle School. Members of Prospect High School’s  were also helping the rookies by leading the performance in center stage.
The lead director and teacher at Prospect, Chris Barnum, is so proud of his incoming Knights. The turn-out of the performance and the audience was ‘remarkably amazing’
“I don’t think it could have gone any better this year,” Barnum said. “Practice obviously does make perfect.”
Barnum and the band have been practicing after and sometimes before school for a couple months. Some songs they have been practicing for months, but others only a couple of weeks. Each school performed three unique medleys from patriotic to simple and sweet.

“It is impressive to me for middle schoolers to pick up so quickly,” Barnum said, “ Those are the type of kids I want in the band.”
Kendall Muhr,first year band member and incoming freshman, has been preparing herself , physically and mentally, for months. She has been waiting for this day because it was her big debut.
“I  am the new kid at this whole concert thing,” Muhr said. “ But, it was really exciting to perform with the older band members.”
Parents of incoming freshman could tell how excited their child was to perform with Prospect students. They mentioned how confident they became when they got comfortable.
“As soon as we got here, they [ band members ] were already telling us ‘good luck’ and ‘have fun’ ,” said Muhr.
Lincoln and South both feed into Prospect. Barnum knows when the seniors graduate this year, he can really look forward to an ‘all-star band’.