Harper hosts college fair for district 214, St. Viator

By Kelly Schoessling
Staff Writer
In one single night 250 different colleges gather together with their administrations representatives to present themselves to students and more importantly display what they have to offer. This event is known as the annual College Fair.

    The College Fair is planned by seven local college counselors including Kathy Fox from Buffalo Grove , Paul Genovese from Elk Grove, Nancy Davis from Hersey, Robert Yerkan from Rolling Meadows , Kathy Duggan from St. Viator, John Hammond from Wheeling, and of Diane Bourn from Prospect.
   The College Fair is taking place on April 3  from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m at Harper College in the Wellness and Sports Center (Building M).
    Harper College was chosen as the location due to the bigger parking space it offers.  In the past, counselors have found that the turnout for the fair is usually quite large.  They have the same expectations for this year.
  The colleges presented are prepared to answer any questions students may have that involve curriculum offerings, scholarships, financial aid information, housing options, and programs for advanced study.
  “[We want] to expose students to different colleges, and have their questions answered by reps,” Bourn said.
  Some of the past colleges that have participated may not be present at the fair due to either commitments or budgeting restrictions. After requests and suggestions from parents and students, these past colleges have been replaced by other colleges.
  The list of the 250 colleges participating in the fair can be found in a packet available in Bourn’s office in the College and Career Center. Along with the names of colleges, it also provides the city and state it’s located in, size, and control (public or private).
The past College Fairs have proved to be great success, and Bourn has high hopes that students will take advantage of the informative event.
 “[I hope] to give students an opportunity to learn about a number of colleges in the short amount of time they’re given,” said Bourne.