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By: Khrystyna Halatyma
Features Editor

Over-protective parents reach new level

There are people who exist called, “helicopter parents,” These are parents who hover over their children helping them in every aspect of their lives. This has reached a new level with the cancellation of an annual Easter egg hunt in Colorado Springs.
The hunt was cancelled on the basis of bad behavior, not because of the hundreds of children, but by their parents. The helicopter parents wanted so badly for their kids to find an egg, they jumped into the children-only boundaries of the hunt to find eggs for them. Because of this, the hunt was over in seconds and many children left eggless.
I was shocked by this whole situation. The point of a friendly holiday is for the kids to have fun. To give the kids a good memory, experience and put a little magic of an Easter bunny into their lives. If the parents are going to the trouble to get their kid into the egg hunt…why ruin it?